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Need help getting setup with WordPress SEO?

Posted by Maeve, 25 May, 2015 | No Comments »

Most web/SEO companies work on long term locked in contracts for monthly SEO services. This gets expensive, and it can be hard to know exactly what you’re getting for that fee. At Enigma, we take a different approach. We offer a one off ‘…

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How to Build Authority on Social Media

How to Build Authority on Social Media: Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Daniel Jauk, 12 Mar, 2015 | No Comments »

Now that we’ve gone over the relationship between social media and SEO, and the advantages of using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest for business, we’re going to discuss how to build authority on social media to help you with your small…

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Social Media and SEO

Posted by Daniel Jauk, 19 Feb, 2015 | No Comments »

We think it’s worth knowing the relationship between social media and SEO if you want to expand your SEO campaign. In this post, we’re going to dispel some myths regarding how social media affects SEO, talk about the correlation between social me…

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Custom Google Analytics Reports

Posted by Maeve, 20 May, 2013 | No Comments »

Most of our clients really love to see a regular Google Analytics report showing web stats for their site. We like to make things as simple as possible by creating a custom dashboard that shows all the key info most people like to see about their web…

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4 Signs Your Website Needs a Revamp

Posted by Maeve, 7 Dec, 2012 | No Comments »

A few years back, you probably won kudos for owning a website with the trendiest design and latest features. Fast forward a few years and what you have is a site that fails to draw as much traffic, despite maintaining the same appearance and feel. We…

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