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About Enigma Digital

We are a highly experienced web design and mobile development team
working in Perth, Western Australia.

Enigma Digital was born in 2010. We’ve grown from a small startup to become an established web design, web development and mobile development firm with production studio in Como.

Our successful growth can be put down to our extensive experience in the commercial web industry and our strong focus on production. Every member of the Enigma Digital team comes from a design or development (coding) background – you won’t find a room full of sales and marketing people here. We’re a small, versatile production team driven by a love of clean, creative, user-friendly design and beautiful code work. We hold ourselves to the highest level of service, strong communication and hard work.

We’re really keen on WordPress and have become highly sought after for advanced WordPress development projects both locally and around the world.

We do a lot of work for larger agencies – graphic designers, web agencies, and advertising agencies – as WordPress specialists.

We are proud of our mobile app portfolio which includes some of the most popular apps in their category.

We also contribute as much as possible to the wider WordPress community. In fact, all our work is driven by a strong open source philosophy – we believe wholeheartedly that freedom software fosters innovation, creativity and growth of the industry.

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Meet the Team.

We’re a small, versatile production team driven by a love of clean, creative, user-friendly design and beautiful code work.

Maeve Lander, Director, UI Designer/Developer

Maeve is an experienced UI/UX designer and front end developer, with a passion for WordPress. After working at various web agencies, Maeve saw the growing need for a specialist WordPress development studio, opened Enigma, and has never looked back. As Enigma’s project manager and general all rounder, you’re likely to work closely with her on any project.

In her spare time Maeve develops plugins, speaks at WordPress events, and co-organizes the Perth WordPress Meetup group. She’s also a keen musician, sci-fi fan, and ultimate frisbee enthusiast.

Sarah Enid Connor, Senior Designer

Sarah is technically a consultant, who designs for Enigma as often as we can get her! She’s an incredibly creative and talented designer, always up with what’s trending in the web world. She is a giant nerd and has this condition where she laughs at jokes no matter how bad they are. If there’s design work to be done, you want this gal in your corner. Sarah will make your website soar like an eagle in outer space.

Sarah likes to use Harry Potter Ipsum. She says it brings that extra element of magic to her designs.

Fritz Elemino, UX/UI Designer

We’re super happy to have snapped up Fritz, a talented young designer with a particular love of functional, conversion focused and user centered design. With 4 years experience in website UX/UI Design and Usability Testing, Fritz has a strong understanding of how people use and interact with a website or application, and of the key elements affecting their decisions online. In his own words, “My design style isn’t about the fancy and cool stuff you see across the internet, I like to focus on what works and what is usable. It’s for real people, your mum, your friend or that guy sitting next to you in the office.”

Omer Hussain, Theme Developer

If you’ve seen it on the web, Omer can make it happen in WordPress. An accomplished developer, Omer spends most of his time here wrangling WordPress themes. He has a meticulous eye for detail, and passion for clean, efficient code.

Out of the office, Omer loves birds and has an amazing vegetable garden. What a guy.

Faisal Hussain, Developer & Support Ninja

Faisal is an expert PHP developer. He handles a lot of our advanced custom development work, and works closely on our plugin portfolio. He also leads our plugin support team over at enigmaplugins.com, working patiently with customers to keep our plugins maintained and properly supported. Its a tough job, and Faisal pulls it off like a champ.

PS. Did you notice Faisal & Omer have the same surname? That’s because they are brothers! The force is strong in them. Cool huh?

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