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How to solve problem renewing SSL certificate when using cPanel AutoSSL and Cloudflare

Posted by Maeve, 25 Mar, 2018 | No Comments »

Are you having problems renewing an SSL certificate using cPanel’s AutoSSL feature on a domain which is also using Cloudflare?¬† Read on for a solution, and an explanation for why this happens. The Symptoms Typically, you’ll be alerted to…

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Combating automated spam and human spam in Gravity Forms submissions

Posted by Maeve, 16 Nov, 2017 | 2 Comments »

Spam is one of the banes of the internet. ūüôĀ Combating automated spam: Turn on the anti-spam honeypot located in the Advanced Form settings. Edit your form, go to Form Settings (hover over the title/description area and choose Edit), select the Adv…

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Block brute force on wp-login with CloudFlare page rules

Posted by Maeve, 14 Jul, 2017 | 2 Comments »

As a WordPress user, developer or web host you may have experienced the pain of a brute force attack targeting wp-login.php. ¬† What is a brute force attack? It’s when¬†a malicious script hammers your wp-login.php page, trying usernames and pas…

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Simple website in 2 hours on a $400 budget! Sela theme + custom colour

Posted by Maeve, 17 Aug, 2016 | 2 Comments »

Today I was asked to whip up a simple¬†website with a¬†budget of¬†$400, and only a few hours to do it. ¬†Here’s the result:¬†heikefowler.com.au The site uses the free Sela theme from wordpress.org which I chose because¬†it’s free, it̵…

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How to install SSL on a WordPress site

Posted by Maeve, 22 Jun, 2016 | 4 Comments »

Step 1 – Install an SSL certificate This is done at a server level (via your cPanel). Most hosts make free SSL certificates available using a service called “Let’s Encrypt” or another equivalent provider. These free certificat…

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