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Plugin Reaches 100,000 Downloads! 25% Off to Celebrate

Posted by Daniel Jauk, 29 Aug, 2014 | No Comments »

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player — our first plugin for WordPress — has hit the 100,000 downloads mark. It’s safe to say that we’re pretty stoked about what we’ve achieved. The 100,000 mark is a bloody big number; it’s the number of people that could fit into a major sports stadium, like the Melbourne Cricket Ground, if it was filled to the brink. To celebrate this milestone, we’re offering a major discount of 25% off all products! Read on below…

What is HTML5 jQuery Audio Player?

For those of you who don’t know, the HTML5 jQuery Audio Player is a music player plugin that lets you add single audio tracks or full playlists to your WordPress website. The music player plugin works on the PC, Mac, and mobile devices like the iPhone or iPad, and is able to be operate in all modern browsers, including Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. There’s a free and a pro (paid) version. Free has all the core functionality… Pro has a few extra features and enhancements.

Is it customisable?

We created the HTML5 jQuery Audio plugin to be easily customisable and fully responsive. Not only can you adjust the layout and customise the colours to suit your groove, but you’re also able to display song ratings and album cover art. You can even use this music player plugin to sell your music.

You mentioned a discount?

Yep. To celebrate, we’re offering 25% discount site wide, over at enigmaplugins.com until 10th September. In order for you to save 25%, just go to the Enigma Plugins website here, click on “purchase” on any product/s, and enter the coupon code 100K at checkout. You will get 25% off everything in your cart.

We’d just like to thank everybody for providing their support. Your feedback helped us revise this music player plugin since it was released. Fingers crossed we’ll be back for another post when the HTML5 jQuery Audio Pro music player plugin hits the 200,000 mark.

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Daniel Jauk

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