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How to Maximise MailChimp Sign up Conversions

Posted by Daniel Jauk, 2 Dec, 2014 | No Comments »

Email marketing is one of the most powerful weapons in your advertising arsenal.   It’s a brilliant way to capitalize on your existing clientèle and encourage repeat business, as well as word-of-mouth referral – the up-sell and the cross-sell. Here at Enigma, we use and recommend MailChimp.  The focus of this article is how you can maximise MailChimp sign up conversions on your WordPress website. If you’re interested in learning a bit more about MailChimp itself, and the hows and whys of email marketing, check out MailChimp’s “Getting Started with MailChimp” and “Quick Start Guide”.  But now… onward!

Make the MailChimp Sign up Visible on Your Website

To begin to maximise MailChimp sign up conversions, make sure your sign up forms and checkboxes are visible and easily accessible. Some of you might be able to do this in the code yourself; but if you’re not confident taking that route, there are tonnes of plugins that you can use to integrate MailChimp with your website. One of the most highly regarded plugins you can use to integrate MailChimp with WordPress is MailChimp for WordPress, which lets you create some visible and easily accessible sign up methods to your MailChimp list. These sign up methods include:

  • Lightweight and highly customisable sign up forms.
  • Various sign up checkboxes that you can add to any form, including comment forms, registration forms, and your WooCommerce checkout.
Screenshot Sign Up

A sign up form, and a sign up checkbox as part of a comment form

Use Carrots, Not Sticks

Besides making the MailChimp sign up visible on your website, we suggest you think about the carrot and stick approach to maximise MailChimp sign up conversions. In marketing, carrots refer to rewards and positive incentives (some kind of discount or freebie), whereas sticks refer to penalties (such as where offers are available for a limited time). We think that the carrot approach can be particularly useful to maximise MailChimp sign up conversions. Offering incentives to visitors to your website – such as 10% off a product, or a freebie – is a good call. And, who knows what might happen next? This positive experience could encourage these visitors to advertise your products through word of mouth.

Emotional Engagement

Emotional engagement is the cornerstone of marketing.  The key to this is to show your customers how your product is unique; show how it can benefit them, and show how it will make them feel when they use it. Make sure you always include engaging headlines and images, and keep the focus on THEM. If a customer is emotionally engaged, they will be far more interested in signing up to your MailChimp list.  You can use this engagement to turn them from a potential lead, into a converted customer, committed to making a purchase, or at least allowing you access to them in the future (via the mailing list).  Once a customer is engaged with your brand, they are many steps closer to doing what you want – whether that be calling you, making a purchase, or signing up to a mailing list.

Final Note on How to Maximise MailChimp Sign up Conversions

Over 7 million people use MailChimp as their email marketing service, according to the MailChimp website, so it’s safe to say that businesses have found success in using it to build their subscribers and advertise their products. But enough talk! It’s time to use these tips to head over to your own WordPress site and maximise MailChimp sign up conversions.

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