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How to Create a Successful App

Posted by Daniel Jauk, 22 Aug, 2014 | 1 Comment »

At Enigma Digital, we get asked all the time how to create a successful app. Here’s a few key tips to make your app idea a winner.

Keep your app idea simple

People don’t want apps to do 100 things, or even five things. They just want an app to do one simple thing really well. Make sure you focus on your app’s essential features to keep it lightweight and user-friendly (see Draw Something). This is absolutely core to the app platform and learning how to create a successful app.

Make it interactive

The most successful apps are highly interactive. They’re tools that let you do something unique and make people’s lives easier (see Clear). Don’t just let your app act as static content in disguise. You’d be surprised at how many people don’t understand that it’s this interactivity that sets the app platform apart from other mediums.

Think about your app’s commercial viability

Having a ‘good idea’ is not enough to turn a profit. You still need to pay it off. Will you make money through the sale price, or through in-app purchasing? Will you build it for iOS or Android, or both? Will you allow for in-app advertising (see iAds or AdMob)? Will you license the framework (see Magento)? These are decisions that you’ll have to make if you want to create a successful app.

Keep your interface professional

Your app has got to be clean, professional, and user-friendly. It has to look, feel, and function like it deserves to be on the market. The way to do it? Hire a professional UI designer to work your interface.

Market your app

If you want to create a successful app, then you should have an active marketing campaign. Make sure you factor in a marketing budget (at least 20% of your total budget). Market your app both pre- and post-launch. Take varied, high-quality screenshots of your app, and make sure your app contains an engaging, keyword-rich description. Maybe even go the extra mile: make a promo video, seek reviews for your app by writing a press release, and market your app on social media or on your personal website.

Questions? Ideas? Anyone out there got some more tips for how to create a successful app?

Daniel Jauk

Daniel is a copywriter, reviewer, creative writer, and online blog writer. When he's not writing, you'll find Daniel snorkelling, hiking, or curled up with a good book.

Daniel is currently writing full time as part of Curtin University's Marketing team.
Daniel Jauk

One Response to “How to Create a Successful App”

  1. July says:

    Nice article Daniel. Other than keyword rich description, one should also have the primary keyword in the App Title as it is one of most important factor of making an app discoverable in the app store.

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